Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Know About Harold Soto Boigues in Brief

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Harold Soto is an international businessman with over 20 years of experience when it comes to international trade and company management. As the son of a military family steeped in the military traditions of the Dominican Republic, Harold Boigues was raised with a firm moral compass and has been influenced by the attitudes towards leadership and honor that many military families hold close and dear to their hearts. This sense of reliability and and command has, in turn, been incredibly useful throughout his career in finance around the world.

Harold Soto Boigues attended the University of Florida and earned a degree in Information Technologies Engineering. After graduating, he launched himself into the business and finance world with an initial focus on the import and export business. Harold created his first business in 2003 when he founded Soto Import, SRL. Soto Imports, of which Harold is still President, is still based out of the Dominican Republic and works to import a wide variety of goods to the country, and the rest of North America, from China. With a focus on becoming a top exporter between North America and China, Soto Import, SRL continues to work on strengthening international business ties with China, the United States of America, and the rest of the Caribbean and Central America.


Chief Executive Officer, The Hanson Group of Companies. — 2013-Present.
Panamian based Financial Coroporation, that have strong ties on the financial market; with the capacity to handle financial instruments and capitals for the development of large projects.

President, Sail Smooth Ltd.. — 2010-Present.
Hong Kong based corporation focused on the development of financial businesses, mainly for the construction sector. Also working with the planning and development of engineering projects, and sourcing of materials from Hong Kong for customers through the world.

President, First Profit Ltd. — 2010-2013.
Corporation focused to generate channels and viability for business deals to and from Hong Kong.

President, Giesai bar and Lounge. — 2009-2013.
Nightlife entertainment conglomerate locate in the heart of the main youth entertainment area in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

President/Founder, Health meds Plus. — 2008-2010.
British company focused on the pharmaceutical market.

President/Founder, Pharma Call Center, Inc. — 2006-2010.
Pharma Call Center was a Delaware corporation, exclusively dedicated to telemarketing, that generated sales of diverse products and services and created hundreds of jobs on the markets were it operated.

President/Founder, GSI Call Termination, Inc. — 2004-2009.
Florida based Telecomm company, focused on International telephony interconnection through VOIP.

President/CEO, Soto Import SRL. — 2003-Present.
Soto Import is a Dominican Republic corporation, focused on the Import of a very diverse portfolio of products from China.

Import/Export Director, Hadidosa C. por A. — 2001-2003.
Director and Coordinator of Imports and Exports.
Company dedicated to the import and export of diverse equipment, machinery and materials worldwide.

Supervisor, National Craft Management — 1996-2001.
General Supervisor of the Shipping Department.

University of Florida - Information Technologies Engineer, 1997-2001